Costume designer Alice Estes Davis who design the costume for Disney theme park attractions including It’s a Small World and Pirates of the Caribbean, films, and TV shows died. She was 93.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Davis died on Thursday at her Loz Feliz home in Los Angeles.

Alice Davis Early Life

Alice was born on March 26, 1929, in Escalon, California. She earned a scholarship to study costume design at L.A.’s Chouinard Art Institute after graduating from high school in Long Beach.

There, she went to night classes to study animation shown by her future spouse, despite the fact that their romance didn’t start until they were reacquainted after their graduation.

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Alice started her career by designing ladies’ clothing and underwear for Beverly Vogue and Unmentionables House in Los Angeles. After rapidly ascending to the place of the head originator, he in the long run acquired a standing as a specialist design producer. And authority on the uses of fabric while managing two factories.

Alice Davis Joined Disney

Alice landed her first job at Disney in 1954 in the wake of getting a call from Imprint, who was searching for ensemble plans to dress entertainer Helen Stanley, who was appearing in some live-action reference footage filmed to help inspire his animation of the lead character, Briar Rose in Sleeping Beauty.

Alice Davis

In 1963, Walt Disney requested Alice to involve her abilities for the characters from The world really isn’t such a big place fascination for the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair where she and Imprint teamed up with modern creator Mary Blair on examination, plan, and oversight. The undertaking fascination was subsequently moved to Disneyland in 1966, where it is as yet delighted in by visitors.

Alice Davis Causes of Death

In 1965, she translated Marc’s original drawings of the pirate’s attire for the costumes featured on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride another fan favorite. Other attractions he added to included General Electric’s Merry go round of Progress and Trip to the Moon.

Alice called her career as an Imagineer at WED Enterprises, also known as Walt Disney Imagineering where she joined in 1962.
And she said, “the best job I ever had because there were no hierarchical distinctions.”

Alice said “Everybody had a job to do. None of us had titles. We all went by first names,” per Walt Disney Company. “And we all worked for the same thing: putting on the best show possible. We’d be at work before we had to be, and we’d stay as long as we had to.”

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