A 15-year-old girl in Turkey died while retrieving her cell phone after dropping it.

The Mirror reports that the teenager was taking a selfie from the top of a four-story building when the cell phone fell from her hand. The girl lost his balance and slipped when she tried to grab the device.

When she tried to retrieve the device, Melike Gun was on the fourth floor of a building in Kanavuzlar, about 115 miles from Bodrum, a city in southwestern Turkey. The girl’s name is Melike Gün Kanavuzlar.

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The girl died after falling on the roof of a building in Ortaca, Turkey. And it happened on 12 October 2022.
According to the Cumhiryet report, she lost her leg after falling from a four-story building.
The young girl had been taking a selfie on October 12 before she slipped said the local newspaper.

Teenage Girl Falls to Her Death Trying to Retrieve Her Cellphone

Girl Falls to Her Death Trying to Retrieve Her Cellphone Video Footage

According to the video footage, suddenly, they emerge from under the canopy of the building, when Kanavuzlar’s body hits the concrete next to it.

The distressing 11-second video clip, captured by the security cameras on neighboring buildings, gets going with an observer walking the walkway outside the structure.

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 Video Footage Turkey Teenage Girl Falls

Newsflash report that the girl was taken to the state hospital in critical condition before being transferred to an intensive care unit in the southwestern Turkish city of Mugla. She died in the hospital 18 days later after falling. Melike Gun Kanavuzlar fell from the building in Ortaka, Turkey on October 12, 2022. You can see the video footage on youtube also.

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