On August 29, Yoo Joo Eun’s older brother shared the news of her passing through her Instagram account. Along with Yoo Joo Eun’s letter, he wrote, “On August 29, 2022, Joo Eun has left this world to go to a comfortable place. For those who have the time, please say farewell to Joo Eun on her way. As per Joo Eun’s last request, I am sharing this post.”

South Korean Actress Yoo Joo-eun Dies by Suicide, Leaves Note: ‘I’m Not Sad, Hope Many People…’

Yoo Joo-eun Cause of death

She died by suicide. Before the suicide, she left a note. Below we were given the note and you can know Yoo Joo-eun Cause of death.

I am sorry for leaving first. I am especially sorry to Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Oppa (older brother). My heart screams that I don’t want to live. Life without me may be empty, but please live on bravely. I will keep watch of everything. Don’t cry. You’ll be hurt.

I’ve lived such a happy life that was more than I deserved. That’s why, it is enough for me. This is enough. So please live without placing blame on anymore.

I’m not dead, so everyone, please live well. I hope many people are called to my funeral, and I want to see everyone for the first time in a while and check in on anyone who is having a hard time.

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