Banglalink SIM 12 GB Free Internet. Hello everyone, today we will share about the latest free internet offer of Banglalink SIM. Recently, the Banglalink SIM announce for all customers 12 GB free internet. As a Banglalink user, it is a great opportunity for everyone. Modern technology made everything easy for us. Every people has a smartphone, and they use a SIM such as Banglalink, Teletalk, Robi, Airtel, GP. All the SIM offering sometimes a free internet offer.

If you want to get 12 GB internet for free, then read this post. We hope you will get it for free. Banglalink Company will give you 9 GB free internet and 3 GB regular pack. If you register the first time on the Banglalink app, then you can get a free 1 GB internet offer. And as a Banglalink use, you can get daily 25 MB. If you calculate it fro month, then it almost 25*30= 750 MB. Another offer is 2 GB of free internet without cost. This 2 GB you can get from the Pisphon pro app, and then another 1 GB for the device bonus. And every day 6 AM to 10 AM, you can get free 300 MB, which means 300*30=9 GB. So, it is a huge offer for everyone.

25 GB internter offer from My Banglalink App ( Total 700 MB )

To get this 25 MB offer, you need to install the My Banglalink App. And if you install the app already, then follow our every command. And who those don’t have the My Banglalink App, go to the Google Play store download the app now. If you log in on the app daily, then you can get 25 MB for 4 days. And this offer will provide every day.

2GB Internet From Pisphon Pro App

To get the 2GB internet for free, then you need to download the Pisphon pro app. The app is available on google play store. Now, open the app and select the Singapore country server. This offer is available for all 4G customers. And they can use Facebook, YouTube, all browsing websites and it will provide you high-speed internet services. But, when you want to download a file, the download speed is a little bit slower.

Every Month 1 GB Device Bonus ( Total 12GB in 1 Year)

If you want to get the monthly 1 GB internet offer, then you just dial a code *5000*521#. After that, they will send you a confirmation message to your mobile number. And within 48 hours, they will send you 1 GB free internet. And eventually, you can get 1 GB every month. The validity of 1 GB internet is 7 days. And after 7 days, you can’t use the free 1 GB internet.

Facebook 300 MB Free Every day (300*30=9 GB)

The offer is available to everyone. Everyday morning from 6 AM to 10 MB, you can freely use 300 MB per day. If you calculate for one month 300*30= 9 GB. To start the offer from your phone, then dial *5000*111#. After the pack will active, and if you want to check your Facebook balance, then dial *124*101#. Any time you want to turn off the offer, you just need to dial *5000*112#. They will reply to your request, and the offer will turn off.

How is the offer?. We hope that you like the offer so much. And share the post with your friends. Maybe, they are waiting for this type of offer. And visit our website regularly, we mention the latest free internet offer for all SIM.

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