Sacheen Littlefeather, Who Delivered Marlon Brando’s Oscar Rejection Speech, Dies at 75. Sacheen Littlefeather, the actress and activist who was best known for delivering Marlon Brando’s Academy Award acceptance speech on his behalf in 1973, died on October 3rd at the age of 75.

Littlefeather was born on October 24th, 1945, in Tucson, Arizona. She began her career as a model before transitioning into acting. Her most notable role was in the 1971 film “A Man Called Horse,” in which she starred opposite Richard Harris.

But it was her appearance at the 45th Academy Awards that made her a household name. Brando had won the Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in “The Godfather,” but he declined to accept the award in protest of the treatment of Native Americans by the film industry. Littlefeather—wearing a traditional Apache dress—appeared on stage in his place and delivered a speech on his behalf.

After the ceremony, she revealed that she had been pressured by Academy officials to keep her remarks brief. “They said, ‘We’ll give you 15 seconds.’ And I said, ‘That’s not enough time,'” she told The Associated Press. “So they finally gave me 45 seconds.”

In recent years, Littlefeather had been active in advocating for the preservation of Native American culture and heritage. She is survived by her husband, Philip Massey Jr., and their two children.

Sacheen Littlefeather Cause of death

Sacheen Littlefeather was an actress and activist who was best known for delivering Marlon Brando’s Academy Award acceptance speech on his behalf in 1973. She was 75 years old.

As per The Washington Post, Sacheen Littlefeather’s niece and guardian expressed that her reason for death was breast cancer.

She was determined to have the sickness in 2018. Sacheen uncovered in a meeting last year that her disease metastasized to her right lung and she was in critical condition.

Littlefeather experienced numerous other medical problems throughout the long term like interior dying, imploded lungs, and malignant growth. She was determined to have tuberculosis when she was four years of age and must be hospitalized.

Her lungs fell when she was 29 and following her recuperation. She was given a degree from Antioch College in comprehensive well-being and sustenance, zeroing in on Local American medication. She was recuperating from a revolutionary disease medical procedure in 1991 and an article in 1999 uncovered that she was experiencing colon malignant growth during the 90s.

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