The Ector County Health Department announces the possible cases of Monkey Pox! The Ector County Health Department called a press release on Friday. In this press release, they announce the possible cases of Monkey Pox.

They said both patients are going to isolation and have not been hospitalized. But they are on under investigation. And they are risk-free.

Monkey Pox

Causes of spreading the Monkey Pox

The following cause can spread monkeypox. So everyone must know the cause.

-Direct skin-skin contact with a rash or lesions causes Monkey Pox. Like Sexual or intimate contact, including kissing while a person is infected.

-Sharing a bed or living in the same house with someone. It is also spread with sharing cloth or towels.

-Respiratory system secretions through face-to-face interactions cause the spread of Monkey Pox. It happens when living with someone who has a monkeypox.

Walking by someone infected by monkeypox in a grocery store or touching items like doorknobs does not spread monkeypox. Or also does not spread for casual conversations.


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