Health Benefits and Harms of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a multipurpose herb that we are all familiar with. Another name for aloe vera is aloe vera. This aloe vera plant looks a lot like a prickly pear or pineapple plant. Aloe vera is not a cactus plant; it is a lily plant. Its leaves are slightly thickened and have a serrated appearance on the two edges of the leaf. The inner part of the leaf contains a slippery shell or jelly.

The plant grows 60 to 100 cm tall and aloe vera leaves can be 10 to 20 inches long. Aloe vera has a variety of herbal and medicinal properties. Its leaves contain 20 kinds of minerals that are essential for the human body. Aloe vera has been mentioned in medical literature since about 6000 BC. It was originally found in North Africa and the Canary Islands.

Aloe Vera Nutrients

Aloe Vera contains a large amount of calcium, sodium, iron, manganese, zinc, potassium, folic acid, amino acids, vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, etc.

Its gel is also used in a variety of Ayurvedic medicine, from cosmetic treatments. The anti-inflammatory properties present in aloe vera can heal minor burns or cuts very quickly. Also, aloe vera gel or aloe vera juice can cure our bodies of various diseases. Aloe vera juice is very effective for the body if taken as a healthy drink.

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Aloe vera has special medicinal properties that can cure minor ailments of the human body very quickly. It has been used for beauty since ancient times. In ancient times, royalty also used aloe vera for their beauty treatments. There are about 250 species of Aloe vera worldwide, but only two species are commercially cultivated. The gel made from aloe vera leaves contains “amino acids,” which are very beneficial for the human body. No matter how much I say about aloe vera or aloe vera, the less it becomes. So today we have presented before you the benefits of aloe vera. Let’s take a look at the benefits of aloe vera.

Benefits of Aloe Vera

Boosting Immunity

Aloe vera is rich in vitamins and minerals. Which can increase the mental stress and immunity of the human body. Vitamin B12 (Vitamin B12) is present in some plants around the world. One of them is aloe vera.

Digestive Process

Aloe vera can get rid of digestive problems very quickly. Many have digestive problems. If there is a digestive problem, various types of diseases start to live in the human body. So drink aloe vera juice or aloe vera juice regularly to get relief from digestive problems. Besides digestion, aloe vera also helps to protect the digestive system of the human body from various types of harmful bacteria.

Weight Loss

Aloe vera juice is very effective in reducing body weight. Aloe vera is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce excess body fat. It can reduce body weight without any side effects.


Aloe vera juice plays a very important role in controlling diabetes. According to nutritionists, aloe vera juice helps in lowering blood glucose levels. As a result, diabetes is under control.

Heart and Dental Care

Aloe vera contains a large number of anti-inflammatory properties, which can lower cholesterol levels in the human body. As the cholesterol level in the body decreases, the polluted blood is removed from the body. As a result, the heart is healthy. Aloe vera or aloe vera juice can cure any type of infection. It also helps in curing gum pain and various dental problems.

Remove Pimples

The role of aloe vera in restoring the beauty of the skin and removing pimples is unmatched. Sweating causes excessive oiliness on the skin. As a result, many people have acne problems on their faces. Use aloe vera or aloe vera gel twice a day to get rid of acne problems. After using it for a few days, you will understand its benefits.

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Benefits of Aloe Vera in Skin Care

Aloe vera plays an immense role in skin care. Its gel has been used for many years as a great medicine for skin care. Aloe vera is a very useful plant to treat any skin problem like sunburn, rashes, and itching. Applying aloe vera gel directly to the skin makes the skin smooth and glowing. Regular application of aloe vera gel to the skin does not show signs of aging. If you regularly use aloe vera or aloe vera gel on your skin, you too can make your beautiful screen more radiant and luscious.

Reduce High Cholesterol

The presence of cholesterol in the human body is very necessary. But if the cholesterol level in the body increases to a large extent, then you can face various problems. High cholesterol can lead to heart problems. Aloe vera has special medicinal properties that can control cholesterol levels in the body.

For Constipation

The role of aloe vera in relieving constipation is unparalleled. Many people suffer from problems like constipation. But aloe vera juice can relieve this constipation. If you suffer from problems like constipation, drink aloe vera juice regularly at home.

Using Aloe Vera as a Face Wash

Many people use many types of face washes to increase the glow of their skin. But if you use aloe vera gel instead of other face washes or face creams, you will get great benefits. Apply the aloe vera gel lightly on the face, leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, and wash it off with water. If you apply it regularly for a few days, you can notice its benefits yourself.

Benefits of Aloe Vera in Hair Care

The importance of aloe vera for hair is immense. No matter how much I say about aloe vera for hair care, it seems less. Nowadays, hair loss is a major problem for almost all girls. But aloe vera can get rid of this hair loss. Aloe vera also helps make hair thicker and smoother. Aloe vera contains a lot of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that cure dandruff and hair fall and strengthen hair follicles. Also given below are some home remedies for aloe vera for hair care.

Hair Care with Aloe Vera and Lemon

Take a fresh aloe vera leaf and extract the gel from it. Mix lemon juice and amla juice in quantity with aloe vera gel and make a mixture. Apply this mixture to your scalp after washing your hair. Using this mixture strengthens the hair roots.

Eggs and Aloe Vera for Hair Care

Take an amount of aloe vera gel with egg yolk, then mix it well and apply it to your hair. Apply this mixture to your head for about 30 to 40 minutes and then wash it off. It prevents hair loss and keeps hair roots strong.

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How to Make Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel Preparation Rules: To prepare aloe vera gel, you first need to collect fresh aloe vera leaves. Then cut both sides of the aloe vera leaf and keep it for a while. After waiting for 5 to 6 minutes, you will see some yellow juice coming out of the cut part. This yellow substance coming out of aloe vera is very harmful to the body. Take the yellow-colored substance well with tissue paper.

After removing the yellow-colored substance, take out the juicy part of the aloe vera leaf, keep it in a bowl, and add rose water in quantity to make a mixture. Pour the rose water into the aloe vera gel and it will begin to bubble. Mix with rose water and leave for 20 to 30 minutes. That’s it, your aloe vera gel is done.

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Learn How to Use Aloe Vera Gel

Many of us know about the benefits of aloe vera. But many of us do not know how to use aloe vera gel. The procedure to use aloe vera gel is available here.

Rules for Using Aloe Vera Gel on the Skin

To use aloe vera gel on the skin, the hands and face should be washed thoroughly. Wash the area where you apply the aloe vera gel well with water. Then take a fresh aloe vera leaf and collect the fibrous pulp inside. After collecting the aloe vera gel, apply it well to the face and skin. Wash it off thoroughly after 15 to 20 minutes of applying it to the skin.

Aloe Vera Consumption Rules

Aloe vera can be consumed by all people, from young to old.  It has multiple properties, resulting in multiple benefits. However, aloe vera should be consumed according to the rules. Aloe vera juice is more effective for the body. If you drink aloe vera juice regularly in the morning on an empty stomach, you will get more benefits.

Disadvantages of Aloe Vera

As everything has its good sides, it also has its side effects. Accordingly, in addition to the benefits of aloe vera, there are some side effects. So use aloe vera regularly. Below is a list of some of the side effects of using aloe vera in excess. Let’s have a look at the disadvantages of aloe vera.

  • Excessive consumption of aloe vera juice can cause the urine to become red.
  • It is good to consume aloe vera in quantity. However, consuming too much aloe vera can cause diarrhea.
  • For those with allergies, excessive use of aloe vera may increase the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Pregnant and lactating women should stay away from aloe vera.

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