In today’s post, I am going to tell you about Watch Video and Earn Money App 2023. In the modern age, you can easily earn money by watching videos using your mobile phone. If you have an internet and smartphone, you can earn money by watching online videos without any investment. You can easily earn money by watching videos from the app.

Here is a list of free apps that pay you to watch videos online. These apps are great for when you have a few minutes to spare or have some idle time while you wait for someone.

Best Apps that Pay You to Watch Videos

Online income is emerging in the current era of ever-increasing technology and people are now trying to earn money along with entertainment.

You also want to earn money by watching videos but you should know all the methods mentioned below.

ClipClaps App

ClipClaps is a Short Video Maker App that allows you to upload your own videos and watch others’ videos. Instead of watching other people’s videos, you will get Claps Coin, which you can easily convert into Dollars.

The easiest way to earn money from the ClipClaps app is by watching videos, here you will get a Claps coin for watching videos longer than 1 minute, which can be exchanged for dollars.

A new user will get a diamond chest reward after registration on Clipclaps. This diamond chest contains many types of rewards. For example, you can get 500 points in your Diamond Chest. And you can also get raffle tickets for Amazon gift cards.

Earn more cash by referring your friends to your account promotion code. If someone signs up through your promo code or link, you earn $1.

There are more ways to earn money from the ClipClaps App. These are Daily Check-In, Spin and Win, Downloading Apps, Refer And Earn, etc.

iRazoo App

There are many types of apps to earn money online and the iRazoo app is one of them. Through this app, you will get online short videos, movies, songs, etc. You can enjoy watching them and also earn money by watching the videos.

iRazoo App has its own website so you can earn money even after completing some tasks like playing games, completing tasks, etc.


After joining iRazoo you will get many tasks like playing games, surveys, videos, etc. If you do the work correctly, you can earn money in return.

Watch Video and Earn Money Online ( Daily 100$ free income Tips)

Swagbucks App

Swagbucks is one of the popular money-income mobile apps due to its versatility. Apart from watching videos through this app, you can earn money for completing some other tasks.
Swagbucks awards you points when you complete surveys, play games, shop online, redeem free-trial offers, and more through the app. You can easily earn through this app.

You can easily earn an extra $30/+ in passive income by auto-playing videos. Each time you complete a task through the Swagbucks app you will earn a certain amount of points. These points can be exchanged for cash rewards, direct deposits to your PayPal account, or gift cards.

You can also earn through a referral program through Swagbucks. If your friends sign up using your link, you’ll get 10% of what they earn for life. But it is not deducted from their earnings. Registering with Swagbucks can earn you a welcome bonus of up to $10. It is one of the high-paying apps to earn money by watching videos online.

Stato App

Stato app is a very popular mobile app for income with Watch Video and Earn Money App. Using the Stato App, you can watch videos as well as uploaded videos and get taka from uploaded videos. However, after watching the videos of others, the money earning is good because from there you can find entertainment and earn money.

Click to download the Sato App

The special feature is in the Stato App- there are a lot of earning sources in addition to watching videos. Such as videos downloading, and sharing Whatsapp, you can earn money by working like status, etc. In this, you will find the Stato Coin that you can convert to the Doller. 10,000 Stato Coin is equal to $ 1 and you can easily withdraw it from your PayPal Account.
The Stato App has some more income methods. This is

-Watch the video
-Share status
-Download video
-Upload video
-Refer and earn

Rewardia App

Rewardia is a very popular online earning app for making money by completing small tasks. Start making money when you watch the video, complete the survey, play games, and refer to friends.

Rewardia’s money is usually much better and easier than other apps. When you register the Rewardia, the 100-point Welcome Bonus will be submitted to your account automatically. And when you reach the minimum balance, you can cash out for a free gift card or free PayPal money.

Most users of this app consider Rewarder games to be quite entertaining. They have a fantastic referral program. Every time you refer to a friend who earns their first 3,000 points, you will also get an additional 3,000 points in your account. A great way to spread your Referral code and get more referrals is to post your links on social media pages like Facebook or Twitter. This allows you to get more referrals and earn more points.

How to Watch Video and Earn Money App

The statistic shows that we spend about 70% of our mobile phone internet for watching videos. Have you ever thought if we start getting paid for watching videos, this percentage can increase even more?

Because nowadays you and I are all looking for something to do at home to earn money. Most people use platforms like YouTube, Netflix, and MX player to watch videos.

But none of these platforms pay for watching videos at the moment. Here we will tell you some online platforms where you can easily earn money by watching funny videos.

By applying these apps you can earn by watching the video in your own room. We found out on this website how to earn money. You can earn money with the apps we have put in front of you on this page. Thanks for being on this page.

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